Easy 40 min 4 servings
14 Jan 2021

Stuffed tomatoes



•          14 oz San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese – Nocerino DOP tomatoes

•          a small bunch of parsley

•          10 oz stale bread, without the crusts

•          4 oz grated parmesan

•          ½ cup vegetable stock

•          salt and pepper, to taste

•          1 clove of garlic

•          extra virgin olive oil, as needed

•          fresh basil, to garnish


Take out only the whole peeled San Marzano DOP tomatoes from the can.

Salt them lightly and put them on a paper towel to lose any excess water.

Breadcrumb the stale bread and put it into a food mixer with the parsley, chopped garlic, parmesan (leaving a little aside), any remaining broken tomatoes from the can, salt, pepper and a little olive oil.

Blend until mixed but not too smooth.

Fill the tomatoes with the mixture and sprinkle some parmesan on the top and a drizzle of the olive oil.

Line an oven dish with parchment paper.

Place the tomatoes carefully on the dish and add the vegetable stock to the bottom.

Seal the dish with foil and bake in a fan-assisted oven at 340°F.

Remove the foil and change the oven to a grill function to brown the top of the stuffed tomatoes.

Garnish with a few fresh basil leaves to serve.