Easy 1h 30 min + time for the eggplant to rest 4 servings
14 Jan 2021

Stuffed eggplant

side dishes


•          4 long eggplant

•          pecorino cheese, diced small

•          17 oz San Marzano dell’ Agro Sarnese – Nocerino DOP tomatoes

•          2 tbsp breadcrumbs

•          1 clove of garlic

•          extra virgin olive oil, as needed

•          salt, to taste

•          a few sprigs of basil


Cut the eggplant lengthwise and if they are very long, in two. Cut into the flesh in a diamond pattern, drizzle salt and leave to rest for an hour to lose their bitter taste. Then squeeze them, dig out the flesh with a teaspoon and cut it into small pieces. Keep the eggplant shells. Sauté the eggplant pieces with the garlic in 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and after a few minutes add the San Marzano DOP tomatoes and cook over a high heat for about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and add the breadcrumbs and basil torn into pieces, keeping a few leaves aside.

Put the diced pecorino cheese in the bottom of the eggplant shells (that look like little boats) and cover with the tomato and eggplant mixture. Put the stuffed eggplant in an oven dish and add a little water. Cook at 375°F for an hour. Serve warm, garnished with the remaining basil leaves.